Friday Lovin’

Happy Friday! Here are some of my favorite things from around the web this week!

Favorite Infographic: The Rise of the Food Truck
I love food and I love road trips, so obviously I love food trucks!


Favorite Adventure: Photamerica
I had a chance to hang out with Josh of Photamerica a few weeks back! He interviewed me, took some pictures, and I got to make him dinner!


Favorite Sweet Tooth: Samoa Bars
Do I need to say anything else?


Favorite WTF: Peanut Butter and Jelly Chicken LollipopsAnd 29 other ways to honor Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Favorite Hair: Red OmbreOne day, when my hair is long!


Favorite Poster: Nature’s CureThere’s an entire series of these. I think they’re stunning!


Favorite Treat: Noosa YoghurtI’ve been eating this stuff like it’s my job…is that a job? Can someone hire me to eat this?


Favorite Funny: Slothstranaut
And most other sloth pictures


Favorite Workout: Run-Burpee-Run
I did this the other day and it felt awesome! I almost quite a few times, because it was pretty hard work. But I did it! Woohoo!


Favorite Flick: Butter
I watched this last night and thought it was hysterical!


Favorite Tunes: Commitment Bells
These guys are dropping an album today and I’m seeing them tomorrow! And happy birthday to their front man, Charlie!


And that’s all I’ve got for today.

Have a great weekend! Happy spring!


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