Aretha Frankenstein’s (Chattanooga, TN)

A final stop on my Chattanooga trip.

After what seemed to be too short of a weekend, Cory and I decided to wrap up our vacation the right way: with more food…breakfast food to be exact. After debating about where to eat for the entire hour it took us to get packed up and ready to go, we rightfully decided on Aretha Frankenstein’s.


I’d done a little research before picking this place out. Even then, though, my expectations were way off. I mean honestly, there are a few breakfast spots that stick out in my mind. Blue Plate in Memphis is one that jumps out at me, primarily because of their HUGE portions. As far as different breakfast goes though, I can’t think of any particular breakfast joint that really blows my mind with unique food.

Well, until now.



Aretha Frankenstein’s is located on the north side of Chattanooga, nestled in a quaint little neighborhood with old and funky houses. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this spot is open literally all day. We’re talking 7 a.m.-midnight.

Aretha Frankenstein’s is housed in a small, blue house full of life and color. A huge bar is the focal point of the dining area, with small tables surrounding. A large wrap-around patio is home to a dining bar, and another patio is home to a few tables (primarily used for waiting customers). The line for Aretha’s was pretty long when we were there. Due to their tiny kitchen, the wait for a table is pretty long, and once you get your food, it’s around a 30 minute wait. But please don’t let that detour you! Waiting for good, fresh food is a great thing that we don’t normally take time to do.


Aretha’s is known for their pancakes. Yeah, I know. Everyone says that. BUT THEY MEAN IT! Cory had one pancake with a side of bacon and potatoes. Talk about a giant pancake! These hotcakes are thick, moist, and not as sweet as your average pancake. They’re a bit more dense than most pancakes, and to me, resembled a sweet cornbread more than a regular buttermilk pancake. Cory couldn’t clean his plate, so I offered to help.

I got an omelette. Again, not just any old omelette. This omelette was called The Jabber. The Jabber is an omelette filled with refried beans (and normally beef, but I obviously opted out of that) and topped with lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. Think huevos rancheros minus the tortilla, plus the beans. This omelette is filling and unlike any omelette I’ve ever thought of making, or trying for that matter. The beans plus the creamy cheese and sour cream make this omlette hearty, but the fresh lettuce, salsa, and eggs make it pleasing and almost refreshing.

Finally, the potatoes. Oh, these potatoes. Aretha’s potatoes are cooked with jalapenos and onions, which was a perfect side to my Mexican-style omelette. They’re spicy, but nothing overbearing. The potatoes are cooked to perfection, not too tender, not too soft, just right.

Make sure to take a few hours of your visit to check out Aretha’s, whether it be morning, noon, or night. This place has a menu for every meal of the day, and they even serve some local beer. If you want to try the pancakes in the comfort of your own kitchen, do it!



Unfortunately, I don’t have time to blog about every place we enjoyed, here are a few places I advice any traveler (or local) to check out!

SturmHaus Beer Market
Sluggo’s (I wish I would have taken pictures at this place, it was the perfect vegan spot!)
The Terminal
The Honest Pint
Hair of the Dog
Baked in ChattanoogaThe Ice Cream Show


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