Good Dog Chattanooga, TN

Cory and I are hotdog people.

I mean, not really, considering I don’t eat meat and he just started eating meat not too long ago. What I mean by “hotdog people” is that we like to try a hotdog place in every city we visit. Some of our favorites include Hot Diggity Dogs and I Dream of Weenie in Nashville.

Chattanooga is giving Nashville a run for its money in the hotdog department, though!

GOOD DOG (Chattanooga, TN)

Good Dog


Good Dog is a small shop on the North Shore in Chattanooga that has a stellar logo and outstanding dogs! With a mix-media decor and fast and friendly service, this place felt like home to me. Families, young people, and old people were all eating in the shop when Cory and I visited. Vegetarians, vegans and omnivores are all welcome with their wide selection of menu items, including vegan dogs, hotdogs, sausage, and a breakfast menu!

We sat at the small bar since most of the tables were taken. We watched them make our food right in front of us-so no funny business! Lining the wall was a shelf full of condiments….not just any condiments, though. Homemade ketchups. Now, I’m no fan of ketchup…but this. I’ll get to that. 

Good Dog


I had the GD Philadelphia-veggie style. I couldn’t resist. A plump veggie dog on a bun topped with brown mustard, cream cheese (yes, I broke vegan), and onion sauce. The dog was tender-not falling apart like most veggie dogs-and packed a sweet and spicy taste with the cream cheese and onion.

Cory had the Italian. It was meat style, so I didn’t try the dog, but I did try the toppings. Housemade marinara tops this dog along with grilled peppers and onions, and provolone cheese. Talk about Italian. With the smallest sample I could tell the Marinara wasn’t store bought. It tasted freshly made and was packed with all the herbs and spices anyone could wish for.

Good Dog

When asked to choose our side dish, Cory and I were at a loss for words. The cashier assured us, “We have the best fries in Chattanooga, I’ll say that on or off the clock.” Well, I’m no french fry expert, and I haven’t tried all the french fries in Chattanooga, but I’m guessing this guy was right. The fries are fresh cut, not too salty, and cooked just right. They’re brought to your table on wax paper so you can dress them yourself.

Good Dog

Speaking of dressing, back to that ketchup. Good Dog makes their own condiments including Wasabi Ketchup, Curry Ketchup, and Fritesaus (mayo). This isn’t any ordinary ketchup, hence the names. This ketchup is made fresh, so much so you may even get a few chunks of tomato on your fries, or should i say frites? The Wasabi ketchup has that sweet and spicy mix I love, while the curry Ketchup is sweet but sings with those Indian flavors. Mix the Curry and Fritesaus…and wow. Sweet, creamy and oh so good!

Looking back on our trip, I wish I would have gotten some Good Dog merch. They even had their own Good Dog Chattanooga, TNketchup bottles!

So Cory and I are hotdog people, and we also love to drink local beer wherever we go. What type of “people” are you?


14 thoughts on “Good Dog Chattanooga, TN

  1. Ooooh. I do miss hot dogs. I’ve not tried veggie dogs eaten out as I’ve been so underwhelmed by the varieties I’ve tried. This, however, may change my mind. My sister lives close to Nashville, so we may have to try one of your hometown faves sometime!

  2. We would LOVE to send you some GOOD DOG bling! 🙂 Please email me your address and consider it done! 🙂 Sure appreciated that you ate with us and took the time to be so kind! Hope to meet you if in Chattanooga again! Susan and the GD crew (

  3. To me, veggie burgers/dogs beat burgers/dogs made out of meat any day. We recently got a Hot Diggity Dogz in our city and I still have yet to try it. Next time I eat out I’ll try to remember to go there!

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