Pure Sodaworks Chattanooga, TN

As a kid, I loved sugary drinks.

Now, I know better. It’s not the sugar that has me worried though, it’s everything else that comes along with the sugar. Additives, fake flavors, and who knows what else! I was SO EXCITED to visit Pure Sodaworks in Chattanooga to get my hands on an all-natural, sugary treat that was absolutely delicious!


Cory and I swung by the River Street Makery located on the North Shore in Chattanooga to check out some really awesome homemade gifts and stumbled upon Pure Sodaworks! After browsing the store, which is full of items like journals, candles, jewelry, and more-most of which is made right in the store-then promising to come back to try some soda, I couldn’t stop thinking about how excited I was to try this soda!

Pure Sodaworks is a small soda company created by some friendly folks who just love soda. It can be found at a number of restaurants and stores in Chattanooga, as well as a few in Cleveland, Tennesee. The company is so implanted in the city of Chattanooga, that many Chatt Rats (we learned this term while were there) helped them buy their bottling machine by donating to their Kickstarter Campaign! Talk about a local business!

The ingredients are all natural and the flavors are out of this world!



Strawberry Jalapeno

Yeah. You read that correctly. Think of my two favorite things: sweet and spicy. Combine them together. You get this soda. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good kick to the taste buds! This soda is sweet and sugary, just like strawberries on a hot summer day, but leaves some spice in the back of your throat. Don’t take too big of a gulp! It will get you coughing!

The carbonation isn’t too much, which is great since I’m used to drinking super fizzy Kombucha. However, these sodas are pretty filling! I had one for dessert (plus a vegan ice cream cone) and was very full. I may or may not have had to waddle back to our hotel for a post-meal nap. 🙂

Lemon Creme

Cory loves Cream Soda, so he had to try this spin on a fan favorite. The lemon creme soda was very creamy, just like any other cream soda, but with a burst of refreshing, lemony flavor. He really enjoyed it and gave it two thumbs up! I really enjoyed it, too and had to steal a few sips while we walked across the Market Street Bridge.


My only issue with Pure Sodaworks: I can’t buy any in Indiana! Someone help a girl out?

Follow Pure Sodaworks on Twitter and Facebook.


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