New Year’s Resolutions + Giveaway

Congratulations to Emily! She has won the GoodBelly Giveaway! She writes: “I’ve been obsessed with pomegranate lately, so I’d love to try that one!”

You read correctly, I’m doing another giveaway! I’m feeling awfully generous this month!

Before we get to that, let’s talk New Year’s Resolutions. I’m really feeling New Year’s Resolutions this year and feeling very motivated to stick to mine! I’m hoping to keep you updated on how each of them are going (hopefully once a month-I’ll add this to my list of resolutions), and hope that they’ll lead to a better, healthier me!

1. Read more. In December, I was trying to think of the best books I read this year, then I realized, I had only read a total of 3 books for fun this year. Not okay. I mean, my mom is librarian for crying out loud! I should be reading a lot more!

2. Eat at a table more. I made this resolution last year, and slowly fell out of the habit. I always feel so busy that I don’t eat a table-I eat at a desk while working on a million projects, or while sprinting from class to class.

3. Try being vegan, and I mean really try. I always say I’m going to do this, but I never do. I can easily not eat dairy/eggs in an unconscious effort for a day or so, but when I start thinking about it, that’s all I want to eat! I’ll keep you posted when this comes into effect-maybe Lent?

4. Work at my desk more. I feel more creative at my desk and more lazy elsewhere.

5. Keep up with my blog more. I am really good at doing this when I don’t have much else going on, but when I’m busy, keeping up with my blog seems like such a chore. I need to develop a routine where I blog at the same time every week/day.

6. Say “no” more. Not in a negative way, I just don’t want to take on so many projects that I’m not passionate about. I find when I don’t care about something, my work suffers.

7. Get in a better workout routine. Last spring, I was waking up at 7:30 everyday, working out, and feeling great! Now, I workout at random and sometimes feel as if the workout benefits me, sometimes not so much.

8. Get on a better, more regular diet. Last semester, my healthy eating went downhill with all the stress I was under. At the start of this year, I started on a better track by regulating my digestive system and gearing up for a year of homecooked healthiness!

How, you may ask, did I regulate my digestive system?

We’ve all heard of probiotic drinks, smoothies, and yogurts, but for a while, I had yet to find one that I really liked and really felt good about consuming.

(Enter GoodBelly Probiotic Juice Drink)

GoodBelly Quarts

GoodBelly is a dairy and soy free probiotic juice drink that contains LP299V, a probiotic strain that has been proven to survive the stomach’s harsh acidic environment in order to inhabit the intestine and keep regulating your digestive system. Not only does it do great things for your body, these drinks are also mighty tasty!


I took the 12-Day Challenge at the beginning of the year and felt really great! It’s a super easy challenge that requires you to drink 1 8-0z glass of GoodBelly everyday for 12 days. To get you started, GoodBelly will even send you some coupons so you save a little money.

After the first day of the challenge, I already felt much better (especially after all of that holiday food). I drank one glass every morning and began to feel less bloated after meals, lighter, and just plain refreshed! The 12-Day challenge was so easy-and delicious-that I continue to drink a glass everyday (sometimes more)!

My favorite flavor is the Blueberry Acai. It’s sweet and refreshing with just a bit of tanginess. GoodBelly also comes in GoodBelly+, BigShots, and StraightShots. GoodBelly+ is packed with probiotic cultures and vitamins. BigShots offer 50 billion probiotic cultures in one small serving while StraightShots offer 20 billion probiotic cultures with no added sugar. That’s pretty impressive.

bigshot GoodBelly+ Straight Shot


If you’re still not sold, enter this giveaway for a chance to try the 12 Day Challenge absolutely FREE!


I’m giving away one {1} 12-Day Supply of GoodBelly Products so you can try the challenge if you so choose!

Two Chances to Enter:

1. Leave a comment here telling me which GoodBelly product you’re most excited to try.
2. Like The Hearty Herbivore and GoodBelly on Facebook and leave a separate comment on this post telling me you did so.


1. This giveaway closes on January 15, 2013 at midnight EST.
2. There will be only one (1) winner.

3. Winner will be chosen using and will be notified via e-mail.
4. You must live in the United States to enter.

Good luck! I’ll be back with more recipes as soon as I get my camera back from Nashville…


17 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions + Giveaway

  1. Is this new product?
    I will like try berry and orange.
    Like on the hearty herbivore and goodbelly on facebook.
    Thank you sharing your wonderful blog and great giveaway.

  2. Oh! And I did like The Hearty Herbivore and Green Belly on Facebook. But I have my privacy settings really high for…privacy reasons. We don’t have to link to our Facebook accounts, do we?

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