I Moustache You to Help a Good Cause!

A few years ago, I fell in love with this guy’s facial hair (and him).

Now, I’m in love with his mustache (and still-him)!


I’d really like to keep him around for a while, so that’s why I’m asking for your help! I joined The Mighty Feldman Movember team in order to raise funds to support Men’s Health initiatives. If you could take a moment to check out my MoSpace, admire my mustache drinking glasses, and even check out the good looking mustaches on our team, I would really appreciate it!
This is a great way to support all those handsome men out there that have some great lookin’ facial hair. We’re asking for donations of $5. That’s how much I’d spend on a late night Taco Bell run…So, instead of running to Taco Bell right now, consider donating to my faux-mustache, and then checking out my recipes to replace your Taco Bell.

Thanks so much, and please help me spread the word by Pinning, Tweeting, Loving, Facebooking, and whatever else you crazy kids are up to these days!

Oh-and in case you were wondering, if I could have a mustache, it would be a handlebar.


5 thoughts on “I Moustache You to Help a Good Cause!

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