The Big Cheeze Food Truck-Bloomington, Indiana

I’M BACK! After weeks of homework, work, more work, traveling to Vegas, traveling to Nashville, Memphis, and Holly Springs, Mississippi, I’m back and ready to eat all the food. And cook all the food! Vegas was fun, maybe too much fun. Nashville, Memphis, and Holly Springs were great! I’ve never lived in Memphis, but I missed it. Maybe one day I’ll frequent it more often. Onward to food related things!

Can we all just agree that food trucks are God’s gift to man? Another gift from God: Grilled Cheese. Let’s combine the two and then talk about how great those two things would be.

In the wee hours of the night in Bloomington, Indiana, a Grilled Cheese truck makes its presence known on Kirkwood Avenue by parking in front of all the busiest bars in town. Both slightly intoxicated and sober people flock to try one of these delicious grilled cheeses.


The Big Cheeze food truck is in Bloomington full time and slings the best grilled cheese in the area. They serve lunch at Ivy Tech of Bloomington on most weekdays and park at the bars around 11pm Thursday-Friday. I decided to catch up with the food truck after hearing great things and see what the fuss was all about!


These guys are the nicest! They’re the kind of local business that you love to support. I asked them how they like the food truck businesses and they were quick to say that they loved it. You can just see their faces light up when you order your custom sandwich.

While you wait, they’ll chat you up about food trucks, the latest happenings in Bloomington, and maybe tell you a few stories about the Bloomington night life.


I decided to keep it simple this time around and try the 3 Peat. The 3 Peat allows you to select 3 of your favorite cheese and have them grilled between two slices of your favorite bread. I went with my 3 favorite cheese, Gouda, Cheddar, and Swiss between two slices of wheat bread. It was cheesy, but not like your high school boyfriend. This was the good kind of  cheesy. The kind of cheesy that when you pull the two halves of the sandwich apart, the strings of cheese never end.

Grilled to perfection, this grilled cheese was everything I love about simple foods. Slightly crispy bread that is still soft in the middle, sharp cheddar and gouda and slightly sweet swiss.

You can also add some extras to brighten your day. Caramelized onions (yes please), marinara, and tomato for a great price!


Vegetarian Friendly-Yes
Vegan Friendly-No

To check out the ever-changing menu, their locations, and more, follow The Big Cheeze on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook!

After posting this, I’m totally going to get one of these delicious masterpieces this weekend!

I can’t seem to find my card reader for my camera. Therefore, I can’t upload pictures at the moment. Until I find mine (which I believe I lost somewhere between here and Memphis), or get a new one, I won’t be posting again. I hope this will hold y’all over!


7 thoughts on “The Big Cheeze Food Truck-Bloomington, Indiana

  1. That grilled cheese sounds tasty, and I, like you, love a food truck. There is one in Meridian, MS with a former White House chef cooking in it. Would love to hear your thoughts on Graceland Too. Maybe in a future post?

    Anyway it’s great to have you back!

    • I’ll have to check that food truck out if I’m ever in the area! I only took a few pictures at Graceland Too, but I left feeling a little (a lot) uncomfortable! I’ll try to find the words to explain it and write a little post about it 🙂

  2. Hey there! I’m an IU alum and was really glad to have seen your blog. It will def give me some inspiration for my vegetarian lady friend. Is this truck a new thing because I don’t remember it from when I graduated in ’09?

    • Yeah! It used to be in West Lafayette, but they realized Bloomington was much better! 🙂 So glad that you found my blog! If you’re ever back in the area and need some vegetarian recommendations, shoot me an e-mail. Thanks for stopping by!

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