Places to go, things to eat in Cleveland

Howdy, y’all!

I’m back from my vacation! For those of you who missed it, I was visiting some family near Cleveland (in Valley City to be exact). We had a family reunion on my Mom’s side, so I got to meet some cousins, eat a lot of food, and travel into the city to do a little exploring!

Rock Hall

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

I’m not going to lie, I cried a few times. The museum was breathtaking! It was such a beautiful space and it was truly amazing to see the artifacts, listen to the music, and learn all about the history of rock & roll. My favorite exhibit was “Pump out the Jams: The Music of the Midwest.” They even had John Mellencamp’s FFA Jacket!

Mom and Dad at the Rock Hall

Mom and Dad at the Rock Hall

Me and Cory at the Rock Hall

Me and Cory at the Rock Hall. I’m cracking up at our facial expressions. We are truly weirdos.

The Winking Lizard

This was our first food stop! It was a sports bar in The Gateway District, at the intersection of Huron and Prospect. The building was really great and really large! They had one of the dining rooms closed, but there was still ample space in the rest of the restaurant. A giant iguana, who always seemed to be sleeping, greeted us at the door with a yawn, rather than a wink. The menu was huge! It was mostly full of carnivorous food, like burgers, wings, and the such, but there were a few vegetarian options. I had a black bean burger with all the fixings and some steak fries. My parents and Cory had burgers and beer. I wish I was 21 (only a few more weeks!) because they had a really great beer selection. Service was so-so, but it was a busy time of day, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m really interested in exploring The Gateway District even more. It seemed like the area was crowded with restaurants.

Samosky's Pizzeria

Samosky’s Pizzeria 

After a few days of not eating out and instead eating camp food (like sandwiches and PB&Js at all hours of the night), Cory and I decided to venture into the big city of Valley City, since that’s where we were staying. By the way, I’m lying when I say big city. It’s an itty-bitty town, but Samosky’s is worth traveling outside of the city for. Cory and I had the salad bar, for starters. It was a great salad bar, with all the fixings, even chickpeas! But of course, we didn’t stop there! Pizza is probably our favorite thing to eat, so we went all out and got a signature pizza. We went with the Heartacado Pizza, which is a pizza smothered with Alfredo sauce and topped with artichoke hearts, guacamole, tomatoes, onions, black olives, feta, Mozzarella, and provolone cheese, and finally spiced up with oregano and basil. Talk about a pizza! Even my dad, who is a strict carnivore, loved the leftovers we took him! Be sure to check out the dessert cooler on the way out. I had a buckeye brownie and a raspberry brownie. So much food, so full, so worth it.


Seriously, I ate terribly all week, but it was so worth it! This week, I’m taking it easy, eating as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible and cutting back on the extra servings and sweets, because Lawd knows I have a sweet tooth!

Be ready for some restaurant reviews and great recipes, coming your way!

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