Friendship Finds

Redneck Utensils

This weekend, I got to go home to see my Dad for Father’s Day! We did some of our favorite things, which include eating, riding the Kabota, eating, playing with the dogs, eating, and going to Friendship, Indiana for the Friendship Flea Market (which also included eating)!

If you’re not from Southern Indiana, Cincinnati, or Northern Kentucky, you’ve probably never heard of this. If you are from those places and you’ve never heard of it, you may be living under a rock.

Friendship Flea Market is kind of like a rendezvous for antique dealers, yard salers, and people who shoot Muzzle loaders. In all honesty, It’s a pretty strange mix of people. Think People of WalMart mixed with Renaissance Fair. It’s very….interesting.

Regardless, I found some great things at Friendship this weekend, and ate my favorite fair food: Pineapple Whip!


I found these lovely vintage Kitchen canisters for $10! They’re great! I’ve scrubbed them and cleaned them up, and now I’m waiting on them to dry so I can store my flour, sugar, coffee, and tea in them! (PS, I don’t drink tea or coffee). I hit up about 5 booths before finding these great canisters. Here are some tips.


Deciphering between junk and crap

Crap is bad. To avoid “crap” stay away from anything that’s been recently manufactured, like fake purses and cheap jewelry. Stay away from things that are in plastic bags. Stay away from perishable food items. I feel like this is a given, but there were loads of food tents this year!

You want to look for junk. Junk is stuff that people don’t want anymore. It’s used, it’s sometimes grimey, but it’s great! You’ll find really unique items that will fancy up your home in no time!


You’ll always get a better price! My mom is a fan of bundling, but this year she got some really nice drinking glasses for 10 dollars less than they were marked!


Don’t be afraid to spend a few minutes at one booth. Really look at what they have to offer.

Start a new collection

My mom started a new collection this weekend. She started collecting vintage bar tending accessories. At friendship, she got a glass set, a muddler, and a daiquiri glass. If you find something cool and don’t already have a collection, start a new one!




It’s always important to fuel up with delicious fair food when you’re rummaging. My favorite is Pineapple Whip! It’s so refreshing on a hot summer day. I’m also a huge fried food fan, but didn’t get any on this trip.

Pineapple WhipInstead, we went to the Friendship Tavern, which I think is the only restaurant in Friendship. It’s always packed with bikers and their motto is “Come as a stranger, Leave as a friend!” Very sweet.

Friendship Tavern


Friendship happens again in September! Would anyone like to ride with me? πŸ™‚




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