Pieday Friday: How to Lattice

I’ve been making a lot of pies without tops. I mean, they have topping, Like meringue or some kind of crumble, but I usually only make a single crust and not a double.

This week, after a stressful few days of school, I decided I’d calm myself down by weaving a delicate, beautiful lattice crust. This may sound intimidating, but it’s not hard at all! I promise.

Sour Raspberry Pie


What you’ll need:

1. Pie filling of your choice- This week, I made sour raspberry pie using a recipe from Vegan Pie in the Sky. It was so great.
2. 2 homemade pie crusts of your choice, rolled out to 1/4 an inch think and cut into a circle- I used a Buttery Crust from Vegan Pie in the Sky.
3. Flour for the table surface
4, Pizza Cutter

How to

Lay your first pie crust down in a 9-inch pie pan. Fill with filling.

Using a pizza cutter, cut your other pie crust into equal strips.

Carefully lift the longest strip and lay it in the center of the pie. Lay four more strips down parallel to that center strip. The strips and the gaps between the strips should be the same size. Carefully fold back every other strip so two strips are folded back.

Lay the other longest strip down perpendicular to other strips. Unfold those strips you folded back so they are overlapping the new strip.

Carefully fold back the two strips closest to the edges and the center strip. Lay down another strip and unfold the strips that were folded back. Repeat until your crust is fully weaved. You should have 5 strips going in each direction.

Roll in the excess dough and squeeze it between your fingers, creating a nice ruffled pattern.

Bake according to instructions.

It’s going to look a little something like this: Minus the torn strips. It’s not the best weather to make a lattice pie crust today. It’s a bit too humid! (This was a basil peach pie!)

Step by Step Lattice

No pictures?!

I hope this all makes sense without pictures. The diagram I was following was very confusing and I had to start over several times. By that point, my hands were messy and it was impossible to take pictures. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Next time I make a lattice I’ll take pictures and update the blog. Maybe next week!

I did get some pictures of my final pie, though!


Final Sour Raspberry Pie


3 thoughts on “Pieday Friday: How to Lattice

  1. “I decided Iโ€™d calm myself down by weaving a delicate, beautiful lattice crust”

    This made me smile ’cause I have never, not once in my forty-two years, had that thought. Jamie, you are awesome.

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