Fabulous Friday


Here’s what happened on The Hearty Herbivore this week:

Fruit Cereal
Pizza Party
African Groundnut Stew
Raw Cookies
Tamale Shepherd’s Pie

And here are some of favorite things from the internet this week!

Fab Easter Treat: Peepshi When I have the time to make these, I will.


Fab infographic: My two favorite things! Pies and Infographics!

Fab Video: Dolphin and Dog are Friends. It’s almost like Frog and toad, except one walks on four legs and the other swims…so maybe not like that at all.

Fab Fact: 2.6 Billion people don’t have a safe place to poop.  This is kind of disgusting, but interesting, still.

Fab App: Cory and I are guilty of using Pair, a disgustingly adorable app for two people. It may seem stupid, but it’s actually really convenient to have an entire app set aside for contacting a single person.

Fab “Gotta Try It!” Southwestern Egg Rolls by Vegetarian ‘Ventures! Because let’s face it, I love cilantro! I used to intern with Shelly and we just found out we both operate food blogs! She has some great recipes and some awesome pictures (and an adorable dog!).

Southwestern Egg Rolls

Fab Music: Maps & Atlases are playing at Landlocked Music tonight! I’m going home and won’t get to see them, but I’m so jealous of anyone who goes. Only 100 people get in and to get in you must purchase their new record (or pre-order, rather). I think that is totally fair.

Fab Sweet: Since Lent is over, I’ll be making Strawberry Cream Pie by Addicted to Veggies very soon!

Fab Fur Ball: The world’s tiniest antelope! D’awe. I want him! His giant eyes make me want to cry!

Fab Sports: Kentucky Police Scanner. Okay, so everyone knows I strongly dislike UK, but please take time to listen to the highlights of the police scanner after they won the championship. I was laughing hysterically.

Fab Funny: 13 Simple Steps to get You through a Rough Day. Seriously. It works.

Fab Science: Noise Jelly! I hate science, but this involves music, too! Love love love.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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