Fabulous Friday

TGIF! Here’s what happened on The Hearty Herbivore this week!

Curried Potatoes
Cherry-Cranberry Granola Bars
Very Berry Smoothie

Here’s some of my favorite things on the interweb this week:

Fab Video: BBC Walk on the Wild Side is probably my favorite television series and I can’t even watch it because it’s not on air in the United States. I love these cute little animals with British accents, though!

Fab after Lent snack: Raspberry Coconut Macaroons by Smitten Kitchen! My favorite fruit flavored treats always involve raspberry!

Fab World: Forget Van Gogh, this guy is amazing. He created a map of the Oceans’ currents.

Fab Graphic:Red Meat is Killing Us. Actually, I’m not totally sold into red meat killing people directly, but I do like the layout of this graphic!

Fab Must Try: Cheesy Blonde Lager Bread by My Baking Heart. Cheesy. Lager. Sold.

Cheesy Lager Bread

Fab Health: Dark Chocolate Energy Bites by Oh, She Glows. I’m always looking for a healthy energy boost to power through my workout and the day!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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