Fabulous Friday!

TGIF! In all reality, thank goodness it’s game day! I’ve been waiting all week for this day and now I can’t wait to watch the game!

Check out the things I did this week:
Spinach noodles with garlicky tomato sauce
Indian bean burgers

I’m going to try to start doing a TGIF post every Friday, recapping the things I bookmarked during the week. Hope you guys enjoy!

Fab Classic: Tamale Shepherd’s Pie by the PPK

Shepard's Pie from PPK

Fab Health: Raw Energy Cookie Bites by Oh, She Glows

Energy Bites, Oh She Glows

Fab Post-Lent Sweet: Key Lime Curd by Annie’s Eats

Fab Breakfast: Chewy Granola Bars by Iowa Girl Eats

Chewy Granola Bars, Iowa Girl Eats

Fab Friendly: Ass Friendly Foods by The Novice Chef

Fab Arts Admin: Ryan Gosling, Arts AdministratorOne of my arts admin professors posted this on my Facebook wall a while back and I seriously LOL every time I read it. This one is dead on:

Ryan Gosling, Arts Admin

Fab Graphics: Girls are Smarter than Boys, so What’s Wrong with Math and Science?: Information is so beautiful.

Have a great weekend! Go Hoosiers!



3 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday!

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