The Wild Cow (Nashville, TN)

Buffalo GrinderI’m back from Spring Break, and boy was it great! If you missed me this past week, let me explain:

When I first got my MacBook, I had a little tiny pixel growth on the screen, but managed to ignore it. Lately, it’s been growing and driving me nuts, making it hard to read things on my computer and even worse-making it hard for me to do design work. So I sent my computer off and had the nice guys at The Mac Experience take care of it.

This morning, I got it back and it’s better than ever!

On the bright side, while I was computer-less, I got to enjoy some great fare in Nashville, Tennessee! I even got to go to one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants-


I first experienced The Wild Cow last Spring when Cory and I decided to travel south to Memphis and I swung through Nashville to pick him up. Ever since then, I’ve been in love with this place!


Nestled on Eastland Avenue (next to my favorite-Jeni’s Ice Cream!), this vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free restaurant provides healthy food for those in the Middle Tennessee area. The Wild Cow purchases most of their food in its whole form, meaning they make almost everything from scratch!

This restaurant is relaxed, with a very friendly waitstaff. Pictures of the most adorable animals cover the walls and flyers with adoptable pets decorate the tables. Service is fast, making the restaurant a great stop for a quick bite to eat.

The Wild Cow even supports a different charity each month!

French Quarter DipWHAT I GOT

The menu is loaded with goodies, and therefore I had a hard time deciding on what to get! I went with the Buffalo Grinder- because let’s face it-I’m always in the mood for something spicy.

Marinated tempeh is covered in homemade buffalo sauce, topped with carrots and ranch dressing, all on a hoagie roll. The buffalo sauce isn’t unbearably spicy, but has a nice kick and a really great tangy flavor.

My favorite side to get at The Wild Cow is any of their Kale options! This time, I had Garlicky Kale, which as always-is cooked to perfection! Cory and I debated on how they cook it so perfectly every time, and have yet to figure out this mystery.


Cory was between the Reuben (of course!) and the French Quarter Dip. Since we were pretty sure he’d already had the Reuben, he went with the French Quarter Dip. Seitan is grilled with mushrooms and onions, spiced up with some Creole seasoning, and served on a hoagie bun with au jus sauce. This sandwich was peppery and has a bit of a bite to it, but not too much.

Cory had the chickpea salad as a side. I make my own chickpea salad sometimes, but mine doesn’t begin to compete with The Wild Cow’s. The chickpea salad is a lighter option and has a great crunch to it, mixed with some creamy textures.


I’ll go to the Wild Cow any day of the week, even if it’s just to check out the cute animal pictures hanging on the walls.

They also have some great entrees, including Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos. I’ve never tried quinoa, but they have several dishes with this grain and I’m very interested in trying them.

With great service and great food, I can’t find anything to dislike about The Wild Cow.

Check out their website for daily specials and upcoming events! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, they even have vegan sweets!


Vegetarian Friendly: YES
Vegan Friendly: YES
Price: $


I’m pushing right through Lent, for those of you who were wondering. I even managed to make some Red Velvet cupcakes for my sister’s birthday and some Bangkok Peanut Cookies for Cory’s office without being tempted to nom on those delicious treats! Once I get back in the swing of things and start cooking, I’ll post my latest meals.


I’ve never done the touristy things in Nashville, so Cory and I did that while I was there over the weekend! Here are some things you should check out if you’re ever in the neighborhood:

Country Music Hall of Fame

If you’re a history/music nerd like me, you’ll love the Country Music Hall of Fame. Even if you’re not a country fan, there’s plenty to take in! The museum is 3 stories tall and full of cool artifacts and tons of information.

The Frist Center for Visual Arts

Oh my gosh-I’ve seen my fair share of art museums over the years, but I think this one just shot to the top of my list. The Frist doesn’t own ANY art, all the exhibitions are traveling, and therefore there’s almost always something new to see. Check out Fairy Tales, Monsters, and Genetic Imagination for an almost spine-chilling take on Fairy Tales.

McKay Used BooksMcKay Used Books

This place is huge! It just moved from it’s old location and is apparently even better than the previous location! I bought 3 cookbooks and a design book for a whopping total of $7.00. Yes, you read correctly- seven. dollars.

Speaking of cookbooks, my friend Shea also sent me the Joy of Cooking! I can’t wait to cook my way through some of these new books!

Tennessee Repertory Theatre

We saw the preview performance of Superior Donuts on Friday-this was the first public performance of this play, and it was fantastic! Cory and I both teared up, which isn’t much for me-but a lot for him! The performance was great and in one of my favorite Performing Arts Centers-The Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC). I’m hoping to make it back down in time for Little Shop of Horrors.

Hope you had a great week!


2 thoughts on “The Wild Cow (Nashville, TN)

  1. The Prince Fielder Sandwich and Vegan Cheese Dip are also great choices at Wild Cow, salad’s look really good too although I’ve never had one. one word of warning, ask about the soups of the day in detail because you might get a different variation of a classic than you expect

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