It’s day one of forty and I have been added sugar free for 24 hours.

I’m actually feeling pretty good about this and I don’t think it will be too hard once I get in the right mind set! Here’s what I ate today:

Green Monster Smoothie

Spinach and Bananas: satisfying my sweet tooth since January 2012.


No sweets are usually involved with breakfast for me, so this isn’t out of the norm. After a good workout at 7 a.m. I had

1 Green Monster Smoothie (with unsweetened almond milk, recipe coming soon!)
1 egg scramble (with spinach and jalapenos)
1 glass of orange juice
1 piece of toast

I eat breakfast like a King.


Moving right along and having no sugar cravings…

Butternut Squash Risotto (Cooking for one leaves a lot of leftovers!)
1 apple (to satisfy my sweet tooth)


After class I ran downtown to take some pictures for an article I’m writing for the first edition of the Bite Bloomington magazine. I had plans to go to Ash Wednesday service at 7, so I hung out at Laughing Planet and Soma and grabbed dinner there.

Ethiopian Buritto (This was so good!)
Fruit Juice from Soma (this is all natural sugar, no sugar-added. They make it right in front of you!)

And now I’m home.

Chuck D

"Most people wait to be told rather than exploring."

I surprisingly haven’t had any real cravings for sweets, which usually happens about this time when I’m in between dinner time and bed time.

I feel like I’m some kind of sugar addict blogging about this. I’m not. Really. Okay, maybe a little. I really just want to cut out the excess sugar that eat mindlessly in the wee hours of the morning.

I also saw Chuck D. of Public Enemy speak last night in honor of Black History Month. He was a really great speaker and had some really uplifting things to say.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about this miraculous Green Monster Smoothie I’ve been talking about for days!

In the mean time, Check out this really cool article about Lent and its impact on a photographer.

Did you give anything up for Lent?


3 thoughts on “1/40

  1. Your blog is great. I’m currently in the early phase of exploring vegetarianism. Shall see how it goes. Sometimes I find myself tempted by the red meat!!! As far as Lent goes my plan is to attend church services one week night each week. (this will be challenging for me).

    • Good luck with going vegetarian! Once you get in the right mindset, it’s not hard at all! I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years now. That’s such a good goal for Lent! I wish I had the time of day to go during the week, I’m going to try to keep going on Sundays, though!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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