$3 Burger Wednesdays at Scholars Inn Bakehouse

You read correctly. $3 Burger Wednesdays at Scholars Inn Bakehouse.

Vegetarian California Burger

Yum! Falafel California Burger, only $3!

Scholars Inn (including the Bakehouse, Cafe, and Bed and Breakfast) is known as a “Bloomington Tradition,” and for good reason. I’ve lived in Bloomington for two years and I had never tried it, though! A few weeks back, I did an interview with Jes Franco from The Vallures and she suggested we meet at Bakehouse (as it’s known to the locals). I immediately agreed, having never been there before in my two years of living in Bloomington.

When I met with Jes, I had a Very Veggie Mania sandwich. It was delicious! You may think “you can’t mess up a vegetarian sandwich,” but I’m here to tell you-you’re wrong. There are about a million ways to mess up a veggie sandwich, including overpowering it with sauces (see Subway Sandwiches) or using the wrong type of bread. This sandwich was a perfect balance of everything, but we’re not really here to talk about the sandwich! We’re here to talk about BURGERS!


So last Wednesday, I was really just dying to eat out. The weather was beautiful, the birds were singing, and I immediately thought, “$3 BURGER WEDNESDAYS!” I texted everyone I know to see if they’d accompany me. Who can turn down a $3 dinner? My future roommate-Katie, her boyfriend-Michael, and my current roommate-Julia, all went with me to celebrate the wonderful day.

So I know you’ve been skeptical this entire time, wondering why I’m craving burgers. Scholars Inn has this AWESOME deal: you can replace any meat burger with a felafel burger-no extra charge!

Michael watching the IU game.

Michael couldn't sit down to eat, he was too excited about the game.

Located right on the town square, Scholars is frequented by all types of people, and for good reason. Scholars really knows how to treat their customers. They have plenty of weekly specials and you can even get a VIP card (FOR FREE) and get even more discounts.

I’m not going to sugar coat this: you may wait a while. Everyone in Bloomington knows about $3 Burger nights, so there is a line. Last week, with the excellent weather, it was packed! I’m telling you now: it’s worth it, whether it’s $3 or normal priced.

Even th0ugh Bakehouse was full of people and there were only 2 empty tables (soon to be inhabited by my friends and me), the staff was friendly, calm, cool, and collected. They even had the IU game playing, which Michael loved, even though we lost.


So remember earlier when I said you can replace meat patties with felafel patties? Well, it’s awesome! I had a California Burger (Avocado, tomato basil, lettuce, and tomato) with a felafel patty. This burger really did capture the essence of California. Minus the hot patty, the burger was cool, with the combination of avocado and tomato. The combination of the hot patty and the cool veggies made the burger savory and filling. I was definitely full after the burger, even though they’re kind of small.

The $3 deal comes with your choice of chips, pretzels, or slaw. I’m not a fan of slaw, so I got the chips. You can add fries for $1.50, and your meal is still under $5! Julia and Katie both got fries and they were great! They’re a mixture of sweet potato fries (my favorite) and regular fries.

Kate and Michael

"Don't mind us, just waitin' for our delicious food."


Check this place out. Get a VIP card. Do everything you can to at least try it once!

If you’re feeling like going a little more upscale, check out Scholars Inn Cafe. If you’re visiting town, check out Scholars Inn Bed and Breakfast. I’m looking forward to tomorrow (Wednesday), so I can go again!

Scholars Inn Bakehouse Stats
Vegetarian Friendly: Yes
Vegan Friendly: Limited (Salads, not sure about felafel)
Price: $

Dig in,



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