Favorites of 2011

I feel like I just started this blog without giving you any sense of who I am. So let’s play a game of favorites and recap the year of 2011!

Here are my favorite food, books, music, and miscellaneous things of 2011!

Cory's Mustache Loves Ice Cream!

Cory's mustache loves ice cream!


Favorite Food Discovery

Jeni’s Splendid Ice CreamsSeriously, ice cream this good deserves it’s own blog post. So I wrote one. I first tried Jeni’s in Nashville, TN. Now, every time I go to visit Cory, I demand that we go to Jeni’s. It’s oh so good.

Favorite Cook Book

Appetite for Reduction Written by the fabulous author of The Post Punk Kitchen, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, this book is my inspiration for most of the recipes I cook, along with The Veganomicon. I got this book for Christmas and it has literally been at my bedside ever since. I flip through it at least once a day to get some inspiration and ideas of what to cook.
Honorable Mention: 1001 Ways to Cook Southern

Favorite Recipe

Vegan Red Velvet Cake-I cooked a lot this year! I think my favorite thing was something I didn’t blog about: Vegan Red Velvet Cake by Mac and Cheese. I made this for Valentine’s Day last year, and now I’m obsessed. It’s become my go-to dessert. Maybe I’ll blog about it soon.

Favorite Restaurant I Nommed

Karyn’s Cooked I went to Chicago last spring! I ate so much good food, but this classy gem really sticks out in my mind. Everything is vegan! I had “Buffalo” Wings and a Taco Salad. Cory had Enchiladas if I remember correctly…
Honorable Mentions (I eat too much to just choose one!): Fuel Cafe (Memphis, TN- I started 2011 here!), The Wild Cow (Nashville, TN- The Spicy Kale is to DIE for), Dat’s (Bloomington, IN- or Yat’s in Indianapolis!), and of course, the sponsor of my weekend life: Aver’s Pizza (Bloomington, IN).


Favorite Blog I Follow

Zooborns- There’s nothing like waking up, checking my Google Reader, and finding an adorable baby otter staring back at me. I stumbled upon this blog sometime last year, then my Mom got the book at her library. Then! The best boyfriend in the world bought me the book for Christmas last year, and now I follow the blog. My mom and I exchange texts about the blog daily. It’s seriously adorable. My favorite: Tree Kangaroos– they’re hilarious.
Honorable Mentions: Iowa Girl Eats (for all my workout/healthy eating motivation), HipsterSpinster (for all my Indie music needs), Bloomington Area Music (for all my Local Music Needs), Cool Business Ideas (for all the latest upcomings in the business world).

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Childrein


Favorite Book

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs- I started reading this book out of boredom over Thanksgiving break, and let me just say, I was terrified at first! I then realized that there was more to the book than creepy pictures. With stunning photo-editing and excellent writing that somehow coincides perfectly with these antique photographs, this book is a must read! Rumors are also flying around about a possible movie with Tim Burton! That sounds like a match made in Heaven!


Most Played Song(s)

My iTunes says that my most played song(s) are:
St. Louis Blues (Bessie Smith)
Boogie Chillen (John Lee Hooker)
Milkcow Blues (Kokomo Arnold)

Favorite Album of 2011

Sunrise Sleepy Eyed by Dubb Nubb– These girls are too good. I fell in love with them in 2009 when I first heard their song “Special Passenger” on their 2009 album, The Best Game Ever. 2011 was a big year for twins Delia and Hannah Rainey. After releasing a split 7″ (The Shiny Mountain Split) with Cory Taylor Cox in January, they toured through the South and the Midwest, recorded with Daytrotter, and recorded and released Sunrise Sleepy Eyed. I even got to travel with them from Vevay, Indiana to St. Louis, Missouri! We ate at taco bell and sang songs about Power Rangers.

Favorite Live Performance

Jimmy Eat World- These guys have been around for as long as I can remember. And despite the blinding lights at the show, these guys melted my heart. It was great to see a band that’s been around so long actually enjoying playing their songs. They played almost their entire discography, and I died a little when they played “Work.”


Favorite New Obsession

Rock History-But really…all I do is ramble off facts that I learned in Glen Gass’s History of Rock and Roll class. If you’re a student at Indiana University-Bloomington, you MUST take this class. If you’re a resident of Bloomington, you MUST crash this class! I’m pretty sure there are several people who do it daily. If you’re not a resident of Bloomington and you’re not planning on going to IU, you can check out his book…it’s almost as good as the lectures! The two combined: unreal.

Favorite Picture of 2011

I’m not sure if this needs a description…Check out Cody’s blog.Cody and AC-Beach Bums

Favorite Moment of 2011

No words…

Favorite App of 2011

Nike Training Club-Not feeling going to the gym tonight? Check out Nike Training Club. Do 15, 30, or 45 minutes of toning, getting lean, strengthening, or focusing on certain muscles. This app is so nice because I can wake up and get a good workout in before I start my day. Unlock new workouts and recipes as you progress through the app.
Honorable Mention: Instagram– Check me out on instagram! JmeeTheHerbivore

Favorite YouTube Video

Favorite Design

Sans Cursive by Cristina Vanko- In December, I went to the BFA art showing at Indiana University-Bloomington and saw some really stunning graphic design pieces. This one really stuck with me. The installation was perfectly executed and the informational books were great! I really loved the idea of sending a postcard to a state representative.

Cristina Vanko's Sans Cursive


4 thoughts on “Favorites of 2011

  1. Good idea- I am always a fan of ppl’s lists of favorites. I also love the new look! LOL at your favorite youtube video…why have I not seen this before?

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