The Owlery (Bloomington, IN)

The Owlery is a Hoot!

Before we begin this review of what I believe to be THE BEST Vegan Restaurant in Bloomington, I want you all to know:

I’m participating in the 20 Day Holiday Workout Challenge sponsored by Iowa Girl Eats! She also has some awesome Christmas give-a-ways, so I recommend checking out her blog! It’s one of my favorites!

There, I said I’m even more motivated to do it!

Back to the reason we’re all here:

To hear about The Owlery in Bloomington, Indiana!


Although Roots on the Square does give them a run for their money, I just don’t think there’s any way of beating the homey atmosphere, friendly service, reasonable prices, and just hands-down awesome food that The Owlery has to offer.

I’d been here before, when it first opened in the Spring of 2011, but have been wanting to go back ever since. I finally got around to it when Cory and I went Angel Tree Christmas Shopping last weekend (Merry Christmas, Clayton!).


Tucked away from the bar scene of Kirkwood and the upscale restaurants of the Courthouse Square, the Owlery is located on South Rogers Street in Bloomington. Although the building is tiny, it’s perfect for a lunch or dinner spot, giving off a homey vibe..that is if your home is decorated with an infinite number of owls (which I’m okay with!) I love restaurants that have a consistent theme or logo (in this case the owl) because I’m a huge marketing/graphic design nerd.

The restaurant is very laid back and is great for lunch, dinner, or a late night snack during their special event hours. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the server or hostess at the counter and approximately 200 owl decorations starring back at you. Service is fast and very friendly and always has some sort of recommendation if you just ask.

Who's this hunk?


I’ve caught onto Cory’s vegetarian eating habits. The last time we went to The Wild Cow (Nashville, TN), Cory got a reuben. At The Owlery, Cory also got a reuben. Everything on the menu can be made vegan if you want, but Cory wanted the vegetarian style-reuben, that is with real swiss cheese. Boy, was it delicious!

Even when I ate meat, I was never a fan of reuben, but I don’t think it’s the actual meat or the sandwich I didn’t like, it’s the dressing. Something about it never sat right with me. BUT WAIT! A light at the end of the tunnel! This marinated tempeh topped with the homemade Russian dressing and sauerkraut saved the day. Tangy, but savory, this sandwich made me want to order it as a second entree!

Cory also loves Blue Sky Soda, and luckily, they had some!

Root Beer Goodness.


I really shouldn’t judge Cory for loving reubens so much…because I really love Philly Cheesesteaks. I’ve had it at The Wild Cow, and now I’ve had it at The Owlery. I got it vegan style, just because.

Seriously, these people know how to cook some mean seitan. AND (bonus points) the seitan is homemade. Served on toasted roll, this sandwich is sure to fill you up. The vegan cheese was good, but I’d like to try it with the dairy cheese, too. Just to see if there really is that much of a difference. All the sandwiches come with a side (fries, cole slaw, or a salad), I chose the fries and I was so full afterward!

I wish I would have saved half the sandwich for later so I could have saved room for dessert. Vegan Coconut Ice Cream (made by The Chocolate Moose) is always on the menu, along with a Root Beer Float. But everyday, the Olwery updates their Twitter page with a list of specials including a mouthwatering dessert. Today’s dessert: Lemon Cake! Someone should get down there and check that out, ASAP.



If you’re planning on visiting Bloomington anytime soon (probably within the next week), please check out The Owlery! They are shutting down for the season in a few weeks in order to move to a new location. The new location will have more indoor (and outdoor) seating, a bar, and more room for events! I may have to go back this week to get my fix.

The Owlery’s Stats
Vegetarian Friendly: Definitely
Vegan Friendly: Most Definitely
Price: $

Dig in,



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