Garlic and Ginger Tofu Flatbread (or not).

After a recent upset by an orange tofu recipe, I’ve been attempting to redeem my tofu-cooking skills. I’m saving the orange tofu post for a rainy keep an eye out.

My Mom gave me this recipe a while ago and I finally got around to trying it this weekend. Boy, am I glad. I cooked it for me, my roommate (who can’t stand anything tofu), and my boyfriend to kick off our spooktacular Halloween weekend (pictures to come!). Needless to say, my roommate now has a different take on tofu.

If you’ve never cooked tofu or are just interested in how I like to do things, check out my tofu tips page.


The Final Product!

The recipe says it serves 3, but Cory, Julia, and I ate generous portions and I ate it for 2 meals the next week!



(For Marinade and Sauce)
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 tablespoon ground ginger
2 tablespoons brown sugar
3 cloves garlic, minced*

(Remaining Ingredients)
16 oz block of extra firm tofu, pressed, dried with a towel, and sliced into 1/4″ thick strips*
1 tablespoon canola oil*


Whisk all marinade ingredients in a small bowl. Lay the slices of tofu in a shallow pan and pour the marinade on top.*

Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.*

Set a large nonstick frying pan or wok over medium high heat. Add the canola oil and swirl to coat. Place the tofu in the pan in a single layer and let them cook for about 8 minutes per side. Check underside of one of the pieces after 4 minutes to ensure they don’t burn.*

The tofu should develop a dark, crisp crust. Remove the tofu from the pan, place it on a serving plate, and our the remaining marinade in the pan. Bring to a boil and simmer, stirring frequently, until it has thickened into a glossy syrup.*

Pour the thickened soy sauce over the tofu and serve with sauteed or grilled vegetables in a flatbread.*

Marinating..the longer, the better.



*I used minced garlic that my wonderful roommate’s family gave us. YUM.

*Check out my tofu tips for more information on storing tofu, drying tofu, and cutting tofu. In this case, I had frozen the tofu and forgotten to thaw it (oops). I ended up putting it in the microwave and thawing it for seriously an hour. It was a process. I ended up slicing the tofu block in half (once it was soft enough) then thawing it some more. Finally after about 6 rounds of auto-defrost, it was thawed!

*I use vegetable oil for most everything that calls for canola oil. It’s just what I have on hand, I can never tell the difference.


*For the shallow bowl, I used a pie pan and 9×11 pan. I didn’t have a shallow bowl, and not everything would fit into the pie pan. I made sure to keep the tofu close together so no piece was neglected of the wonderful sauce.

Is it just me, or do these look like carrots?

*I marinated the tofu overnight. I’m not sure if it really made a difference, but the flavor was perfection. Cory said it tasted like Teriyaki Beef Jerky.

*I think all together, the tofu cooked 8 minutes. I let it brown for a bit (probably 4 minutes), but then ended up cooking it like stir fry. I kept it moving so the tofu wouldn’t stick or burn.

*Sadly, I used so much tofu that I didn’t have enough sauce for the syrup at the end. It sounds delicious, though! I recommend making more of the sauce of you’re interested in making the syrup.

*For grilled vegetables, I used a green bell pepper, a white onion, a roma tomato, and some various spices from my cabinet.

*Finally, if you’re vegan, the flat bread isn’t necessary. I ate the tofu and vegetable mix by itself as leftovers. The flatbread makes it easier to eat, though! Kind of like a taco!

The Review

This recipe was great for so many reasons.

1. It made enough to feed three people and leave leftovers!
2. It was fast easy! If the tofu wouldn’t have taken so long to thaw, the prep time for this recipe would have been about 20 minutes (minus the marinade time).
3. DELICIOUS. Like Cory put it, it tastes like teriyaki beef jerky, but meatless! YAY!

Best Part of the Recipe

My roommate likes tofu!

Keep an eye out for Halloween pictures, recipes, and more!

Dig in,






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